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Welcome to the Lipkow Lab!

We are fascinated by how cellular architecture and function influence each other: The effect of macromolecules and their arrangement in the cell on signalling properties such as speed and fidelity, and the changes in cell architecture brought about by signalling state. Main subjects are the eukaryotic nucleus and bacterial chemotaxis.

Our approach is bottom-up Systems Biology: Starting from the data available in the literature, we are building computational models of signalling systems within biological cells, run simulations to test hypotheses and make predictions, and then do the lab experiments to test these predictions and get data for further simulations. Our simulations are mostly mesoscopic, modelling the movement and reactions of every relevant molecule at high spatial and temporal resolution. In the lab, we use a combination of standard and advanced molecular biology, microbiology and quantitative microscopy. We have recently expanded into the creation and analysis of large datasets using functional genomics, proteomics and bioinformatics.

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Dr Karen Lipkow

BI Group Leader

The Babraham Institute
Nuclear Dynamics (B570)
Babraham Research Campus
Cambridge CB22 3AT, UK

phone: +44-1223-496508
fax:     +44-1223-496034
email:  karen.lipkow (at)

CSBC Group Leader & Affiliated Lecturer

Cambridge Systems Biology Centre
Department of Biochemistry
University of Cambridge
Tennis Court Road
U Cambridge Cambridge CB2 1QR, UK

email:  KL280 (at)